Previous Winners

Previous Winners

Take a look at our previous winners

Here is Peter Duffy from Bradford and winner of our Nissan GT-R R35 with ticket No. 1865 on 15.12.19
Here is Lachlann from Stornoway north of Scotland and winner of our Subaru Legacy GTB with ticket No. 63 on 06.01.20
Here is Lewis Gascoigne from Beverly near Hull and winner of our Toyota Celica GT4 with ticket No. 566 on 24.11.19
Here is Glen Jackson from Hull a DVG winner of our VW Golf Mk5 with ticket No. 408 on 22.09.19
Here is Simon Taylor from Oxford a DVG winner of our VW Golf Mk1 with ticket No. 97 on 05.08.19
£1000 Winner - This is Tony Williamson from Leigh the winner of the £1000 with ticket No.147 on 10.11.19
65" LG TV Winner - This is Kyle Fallow from Corby the winner of the 65" LG TV with ticket No.63 on 03.11.19
£1000 Winner - This is Lawrence Winder from Stockport the winner of our £1000 draw with ticket No.526 on 20.10.19
This is Danielle Sims the winner of the Dubai Holiday for 2 with ticket No.33 on 08.09.19
This is Mark Beaumont from Nottingham a DVG winner of the Mini Cooper S convertible with ticket No. 378 on 23.06.19
Rob Moore from Yate a DVG winner of the Auto Finesse Car Cleaning Kit with ticket No. 87 on 30.07.19
Daniele Sims from Newport the winner of our giveaway for 10 GTR tickets worth £290 with ticket number 55 on 23.06.19
Keeley Allen from Bristol the winner of the GoPro Hero 7 Black with ticket no.26 on 09.06.19
Lee Grist from Newport a DVG winner of the Karcher K4 jet washer with ticket no.23 on 26.05.19
Chloe Knight from Worcester a DVG winner of the Auto Finesse kit with ticket No.40
on 03.05.19

Tania Curtis from Keynsham a DVG winner of the Xbox one S with ticket No.41
on 21.04.19